Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Early Bird Get's the Scholarship

Austin got picked last night for the All Star football team. Only 3 players from the Upland area were picked!!! He was picked for the quarterback position.

Being that I will have 5 children to send to college I will have to rely on full ride scholarships. Who has money for that? I've heard the recruiting process is a game, plain and simple, and you have to know how to play it. So,I am going to learn the rules of this game and how to play it very well.

Do you think it's too early to start building relationships with the college coaches?
Here's some of Austin playing.
He's #1 (excuse the annoying mom yelling)..that's me!

Ok, got to go finish reading the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student and get these video's and letter's to the recruits. (In case your wondering..Yes, Homeschoolers can get scholarships)


Brianna said...

Thank god Grandma wasn't at that game yelling jk. haha

Loni's World said...

Make sure you try those NAIA schools too! a lot of them offer out of state fee waivers and full rides for sports.
Congrats on him getting picked.