Saturday, November 1, 2008

Loaded With Sugar Already

After feeding the kids a (healthy breakfast) because I figured the rest of the day was shot with sugar we headed to the park for our Halloween party. It was a last minute idea so I didn't plan games or teachings. I figured kids in costumes with silly string and sugar would do the trick. Well it did and the kids all had a blast!

Austin dressed as Tim Tebow (quarterback of the Gators)

Faith as Barbie...(with roots like her mommy)

Cowboy Landen Troy

Farrah the butterfly

Sweet little Finley(I figured dressing her up twice in one day was too much torture so she got to stay in her sleeper)

Some of the kids

Silly string war

Landen after WAYYYYYYY too much sugar...(riding his horse around the park)


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Loni's World said...

i love the costumes!