Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

Today is my grandpa's birthday so I thought it would be nice to post a picture of him. This is me at about a year old with my grandpa and great grandpa in the corner. I love my grandpa he is so sweet and would do anything for us. He has helped me move (every single time!) If something in my house is broken he will come and fix it, if Justin is at work. He will babysit and is the calmest man I know around a crying baby. He retired about the time I had Austin and has been so close to my kids while growing up. He is there for everything. Since I have become a mom we have grown even closer. I love listening to old stories he tells me and advice he gives to me. He was one of 5 kids too. He is a strong Christian man and a great example for me and my kids. We love you grandpa!!! Happy Birthday!

Austin made him a leather belt for his birthday.
Isn't my grandpa handsome :)


Laura said...

I adore your grandpa, Bridget. Of all of cccv there are two older men that bless my heart every time I see them and he is one of them.
Happy Birthday Mr. Roth!

Brianna said...

aww love grandpa. You look like Farrah in that picture.

Rochelle said...

HOW CUTE!!! Happy bday to your grandpa!!

debbie said...

Yes my Dad is handsome. He is such a blessing to us all. Can't believe it seems like yesterday you were that small and he was so young. Wow alot has happened since then. God has been so good. Love, Mom