Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis The Season

For cookies!

If I eat one more Christmas cookie I will look like I'm about to deliver baby #6.
We baked and decorated Christmas cookies 4x last week! I am cookied out!

The Cookie Monster!

How to get your baking done the right way:
Make your husband stay home from work and watch all the kids. Keep them busy and don't let them bug mommy until it's sugar cookie time.

Go to your sister's house so you don't have the big mess to clean up when your done:)

assign a man to do all the dishes

and don't forget to wear cute aprons!

How to eat a sugar cookie:
First lick both thumbs

lick all around the cookie make sure to get all the frosting off around the edges

devour the whole thing in less than 5 seconds...then run wild through the house screaming for more cookies!

I think this cookie needs just a lil bit more sugar...

Christmas lights...

Heely's and hot chocolate the best way to see the lights!

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The Tello Family said...

This is such a cute post!! You are the best Mom :)