Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was spent at my sisters house. It was nice to relax for a change. I've held Christmas eve at my house a couple times and am happy to pass it along to my sister. It was nice to see her stressed for once.

I'm kidding! She did an awesome job and since she is a WAY better cook than I am, I'm sure my family was happy she hosted it too.
She had it all organized with each kids name posted on the wall so we could have all the presents for each kid put in their own pile. This made things a little less hectic. She also had a fun idea. Last year we did Christmas sweaters. Everyone had to show up wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. If you know my family we are the biggest nerds but have alot of fun! This year it was crazy Christmas hats. The kids thought it was fun and were very creative in making their own hats. My sister has all the hats posted on her blog here
Here's a group shot of us

Austin was very creative with his,he made it out of a tree stand. He won!

We opened presents, enjoyed singing Christmas carols and then Santa (aka my dad)even showed up at the end of the night!

Landen was so excited and trying to convince him that he has been a good boy all year. Then he was asking for a dirt bike. Austin and Faith were laughing hysterically because they knew it was grandpa.
Farrah was waving to Santa as he walked through the door but the minute I sat her on his lap she freaked!

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Thanks for only posting the top half of that photo of me. haha