Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Museum of Paleontology

Austin has been helping me out a lot lately and so I told him I would take him to the new lazer tag place that just opened up. He asked if we could go to the Alf museum instead. (for the 5,000 time)
I should of known!
So, after school on Monday we headed to Webb to visit the Museum of Paleontology in Claremont. I prayed the whole way there that the kids would behave and I wouldn't make a fool out of myself. We arrived and the two little ones were sleeping. Landen was being really good (later I found out why, he was sick) Sure enough the museum director recognized Austin (from previous classes he's taken etc) and asked why he wasn't in school. We started talking about his love of Paleontology and science. She actually thought homeschooling was great for him because I could focus more on what he likes and direct him that way. Then she let us all in free and gave the kids a bunch of goodies. We had the whole museum to ourselves. Austin walked us around teaching us about different fossils etc. He even said hi, to the new head of Paleontology. Now, if we can keep getting in good with the people over at Webb maybe just maybe Austin can go to school there. Hey, it's only $44,000 a year for high school!

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Brianna said...

Cute pics...$44,000? Is that it? Well I might as well just pay for him and Aven to go there.