Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Happy Monday!

I have done so many not me's this week but I'm short on time so I won't list them.
I have 2 minutes until we need to get in the car and leave and what am I doing??? I am not on the computer, no not me!
I did not just blog about diarrhea no not me this is a wholesome christian homeschool blog LOL.
I did not just run into a girl at the mall who recognized me from my blog. NO kidding! LOL Hi, I never did get your name. Thank you for your nice compliments even if my kids were running all over the store. Oh, and don't tell my husband how much I spent at gymboree. He doesn't understand having 3 girls can be very expensive:)
No not me I did not let me kids go looking homesless all weekend because I am trying to finish everything for Christmas this week. Everything wrapping too!
No not me I wasn't the rudest shopper at the mall because I was on a mission trying to get everything crossed off my list before I had to go sit in nordstroms nursing area again! Not me I hate rude shoppers!

I did not let my child go to bed covered in flock from the tree because she feel asleep and I was to tired to give her a bath.

I did not let my 3 yr old play on a ladder.

We did get our tree!


Brianna said...

Everything looks cute! I think we should have Christmas Eve at your house now :)

Jen said...

Gymboree has really cute stuff right now! I could have done some serious damage there the other day! I enjoy your "not me mondays" :)

Bridget said...

I did not just spell ladder (latter) My kids are doomed!

Tina Gallaway said...

They are not as doomed as my Daughter is, because I understood Ladder hehe.... great tree, it must be like 10 ft tall :)

ktarbell43 said...

I love the tree! So cute.