Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basketball Season

Football Season is over and now we start basketball. Saturday was Austin's first game of the season. He has been begging me to shoot some hoops with him all week. Friday night I was busy trying to get some laundry done and finishing up dinner when Austin asked me to play him one on one. I was really tired and really didn't have time or energy to play. I had dinner to finish and kids to get cleaned up for bed etc... but the look on his face......

Apparently I still got it. Jr. High basketball must of paid off. LOL
Of course he heard it all weekend about how he got beat by his mommy!

Austin's 1st game of the season.


The Tello Family said...

Austin reminds me SO much of my husband when he was little. A little athlete going from sport to sport, and super intelligent. And of course adorable :) He's got the whole package! Look out ladies!!

Susan said...

i remember playing basketball together in jr. high. i always knew those drills were good for something!

love, susan

Bridget said...

Susan I remember you being really good at basketball! That and swim! Me on the other hand LOL...I should of just stuck with cheer:)