Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'll just name the Not Me's from yesterday since I can't remember the rest of the week. (or anything else for that matter) Let's see:
Yesterday, I did NOT wear a dress to church that I could not breastfeed in. I wouldn't do that I know I have a 4 month old that needs to eat. I did not go into the restroom and remove my whole dress to try and feed her in the bathroom stale. I would never do that! I am always prepared.

I did NOT lose over $500 worth of checks. Thinking I left them at my brothers and made him dig through his trash. Then I finally found them being used as a bookmark in the book I am reading. OPPS! Not to mention this was the day my brother brought his baby home from the hospital. I would never forget that easy.

I did NOT leave my new camera lens outside in the rain overnight then wake up looking for it and realize it is still outside.

I did NOT just lose my mind!


Lisa said...

Is your camera lens OK?

Shannon Hartz said...

I did the same thing one Christmas eve at church. It wasn't until I was in the nursing room, with Dane in position that I realized I had on a NO ACESS outfit. I paniced. I had a hungry baby and I couldn't feed him. I ran to the bathroom with my screaming little guy and stripped too. I still don't know how I did that one. At that point I'd nursed Brock a year,a nd Dane 6 months, it wasn't like nursing was somthing new. i just blame it on Christmas Craziness:)