Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was asked to be one of the new Classperts over The Classy Closet. I am honored to be a part of the Classy Closet team.
I will be posting once a month on ALL THINGS CLASSY!
go check it out and become a classy girl yourself.

1.What makes me a Classpert:
If you say so???
People often tell me I make everything look so easy. I often get asked, "What's your secret?" Believe it or not there is none.(Just lots of prayer!) Nothing fancy or complicated, just lessons that I've learned over the years that help me "look" like I have it all together. I guess some lessons I've learned can help qualify me to be a classpert???
I believe it's about putting priorities in place. Being a mom and wife and all the roles we have to play in life can get exhausting. I try to remember to set aside time for me. Whether that be just locking myself in the bathroom with some ear plugs or sneaking out for a cup of coffee and a pedicure.
Hope to see you in the closet!


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