Friday, December 5, 2008

Praying Extra For This Child

I am praying 7X7X7X7X7X7....for Landen. Thank God he's cute that's all I have to say.
He comes up with things and says stuff that makes everyone laugh. He is our family's entertainment. Although some of the things he does are quite embarrassing. For example: Picking him up from preschool. I am standing in line waiting to sign him out. I wave and whisper a sweet hi honey to him. He gets up and walks towards me (like he owns the preschool) smacks my bottom and says, "Let's go hot mama." Everyone in line was laughing.
We came home and had a talk about how he is to respect me and call me mommy and not babe anymore. He's 3 people!!! Help!!!


Jo Jo said...

OHMY GOSH! This is too funny! He is special and you will have lots of fun with him when his teenage years roll around!

Brianna said...

At least he called you hot and not fat or something.

Abbie said...

Ohhh nooo!! HAHHAHAH Oh golly, you have got a goofy one on your hands!

Loni's World said...

LOL He is a "Ladies Man" ha-ha lets hope he becomes a famous comedian/actor and not a famous pimp! My brother use to walk around saying "oooh hot tomata!"
Quick story..
When my friend was little his dad would say "Wow, i'd like to wrestle her" when cute women would walk by. He was 3 they were at the bank drive up teller and he blurts out "Dad, WOW look at her! Do you want to Wrestle her?" Everyone was soooooo embarassed, this was in a small town so now he sees her everyday at the bank lol.

Anonymous said...

HEE HEE :) You handled it perfectly.He sounds a lot like my little guy, although now mine is 6. My 2 kids come up to my booty & shake it & start laughing hysterically. They then proceed to say that it is big & jiggly. Which it is not big, but yes it is small & jiggly. And I tell my daughter not to laugh to hard, because when she is my age hers will do the same :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

LOL too funny!