Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fossil Hunt

"Trilobite Wilderness Area"

We are planning on going to a fossil hunt at Cadiz, CA. on Sat Dec 27th and its open to anyone who is crazy enough to join us(Austin and I) on this fantastic adventure! 8yr and older.

This is a field trip that kids and parents can enjoy. It’s going to be like the time of Jesus LOL when Mary and Joseph had to go from one town to the next hehehe.

Ok..If you still want to go…I can email you info.

and if you don’t have Google Earth…you should download it. It is one of the greatest teaching tools you can have…plus I put in the file that lets you open and see the site we will be on to 10meter accuracy.

We will meet 6:00 a.m. and leave at approx 6:20 a.m. and head to Ludlow.

From there we will visit the Amboy Crater. On the way to the crater we will see lava fields. Have the kids take note of the immensity of the fields. We won’t walk to the crater but I would like to take a moment and have the kids see, feel, hear and smell the desert fauna. Its different out there.

We can learn about the crater and about the local animal and plant life.

From here we will go to the site and dig, explore, have fun until about 2p.m. or 3p.m ???

Trilobite Wilderness Area

For the super geek some info is here: (no I didn’t read it)

Cinder cone info:
cinder cone.

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