Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Oh, no mommy Finley's crying

I'll just give her a little push...

there all better

Finley is 10 weeks old today!


Loni's World said...

10 weeks already? WOW time is flying!
Ok... please don't take this the wrong way (I am extremely sarcastic and some people don't get it)
"WE ARE STEALING FARRAH" there I said it lol.
I absolutely love her facial expressions!
Every time you post new pics of the kids I always drag Saul over because he loves her lil cheeks too. (We love all Chubbers babies) I cant wait till we have our own then I don’t have to bug everyone else and sound like a psycho stalker ha-ha.

The Tello Family said...

These are SO cute!!! Kyndall is almost 17 weeks :( Where does the time go? Can we get together soon please? xoxo