Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flashback Friday

I'm posting tonight for tomorrow because I have planned a last minute Halloween party with a bunch of the homeschool friends.(Why do I do this to myself?) I know I will be busy tomorrow with all the Halloween fun we have planned. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Check back to see our family costumes.

Austin's 1st Halloween as Superman. I remember driving to all the grandparent's houses that night. We would ring the door bell then run and hide with our video camera. We would leave Austin in his stroller at the door step. We have video's of all the grandparent's opening the door going goo goo gaa gaa over him. (1st grandchild on both sides)

This is Austin's 2nd Halloween. I am pregnant with Faith and Justin is pregnant too! LOL...(again he lost a bet)

Faith's 1st Halloween. I couldn't find a picture of her in her Indian costume I made her but here she is at the pumpkin patch at 5 months old.

How could I forget this Halloween. I stayed up all night finishing their costumes. Austin was 4 years old dressed as Elvis and had a big sequins eagle on the back of his cape that I had stayed up all night making. Faith was 2 years old here.

This Halloween I was pregnant with Landen. Hannah our dog as toto. Austin wanted to be a pirate and Faith wanted to be a mermaid princess.(check out her extentions haha) Daddy was a party poop er that year and didn't dress up.

Here I am as I Love Lucy. Justin threw his costume together about 10 minutes before we left for the party. I lost the bet and he wouldn't be Ricky.

This is Landen (Freakin-stein) as he calls himself. His preschool had a little parade and party today.

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