Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Your Husband a Teenager?

It's true what they say only drunks and children tell the truth. They just say what's on their mind. The other day the little girl(5 yrs old) two doors down came over to hang out with me. (Yes, I am the fun mom on the block) This was our little conversation.

Ella: Mrs. Bridget is your husband a teenager?

Me: No, he just acts like one. Why?

Ella: He looks like he is.

Me: Do I look like a teenager?

Ella: No, but are you having another baby?

Me: No, why?

Ella: Because, it looks like you are.

Yep, there you have it the truth..I will not be blogging as much because I will be at the gym. Oh, and I'd like to see if my husband would look like a teenager if he gave birth to 5 kids!


Jo Jo said...

This is sooo funny! Kids have no shame! You do NOT look like you are having another baby!

momof4mejias said...

Ha,kids and the not so cute little things that they say, PRICELESS! You do not look prego again.And yes, my husband is a teenager too!

Brianna said...

Well at least a little girl asked you if your having a baby and not a grown up woman like me haha You do not look like your having a baby I do. haha