Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another One Of My Crazy Ideas

My husband thinks I'm crazy but I already knew that. A couple of weeks ago we went to the RV show to (LOOK) at motorhomes. We currently have a travel trailer and would like to trade it in for a motorhome. While we were there walking around I asked him, "So do you think we could get someone to run the business?" He just rolled his eyes at me because he knows my mind is turning with another one of my crazy idea's. I kept going... think about it, what if we got a motorhome and took off a year to roadschool. Wouldn't that be cool? He just kept ignoring me. Serioulsy, if money wasn't an issue I would totally live in a motorhome for a year and travel with the kids doing school on the road. Just think how much they would learn. We could visit what we were studying. I know I love our house but just think about the adventure that would be.

Tomorrow night on TLC don't miss the Loud Family. They had the same crazy idea I have. They are a family of six who rv full time and homeschool their children on the road. The show is called Six For The Road . One year ago they gave away and sold everything they owned and bought a fifth wheel and hit the road. They realized that they became caught up in life and became so busy with daily routines that they needed to take back their life. So they did what they have always dreamed of. They decided to leave it all behind and have never looked back.
They have enjoyed learning so much while on the road. They have been able to learn hands on in the most able places. They have been from Williamsburg to the Toilet Seat Museum . They have been to NYC and experienced the big city and we have been to a small town in Tennessee to help tornado victims try to put their life back together. They have done this as a family and have loved it!

How cool is that???

Yes, it would be hard going from 3000 square feet to 400 square feet with five kids. Kati, the mom said that life in an RV can get really crowded and hectic but it is fun.
The first 2 episodes air on October 29 Eastern Mountain and Pacific time zones are at 10:00pm and Central is at 9:00pm. The two episodes air on November 5th. Same times. Each night they will show 2 episode in a row. They are on right after Jon and Kate plus Eight. Same production company.

Kati has asked to pass this info along to anyone that you think may be interested in watching. If you would like TiVo the show and even turn all your TV's on to help our numbers :) They also re- air that night at 1:00am if you want to TiVo that also :)

You can visit the Loud Families website at: http://www.ourloudfamily.com They have a great forum for homeschooling info, travel ideas, etc. They also have blogs that are stories and pictures of their journeys. They also have a contest going on right now . They are looking for people to help them design 3 new bumper stickers. There is a $100.oo first prize for each one. Here is the link for the dimensions etc http://ourloudfamily.com/blog/ view/id_75/ title_loud- family-bumper- sticker-contest- win-big-money/

They will also make an appearence on the TODAY show October 29th during the 9:00 am hour.

Just think this could of been us...LOL


kristina16marie said...

I think it's a great idea! Let me know when you hit the road - you can come & visit me in San Antonio!

Twisted Cinderella said...

What a fun idea!

Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

If your crazy, then so am I! that's what we plan on doing, if our house would sell! :(

Aimie said...

I will watch for sure! Michael and I talk about doing that if we ever hit the lotto too.

By the way I Boo-ed you! Go to my blog to see what I mean, it's not bad! :)

Anonymous said...

You are not too crazy. I told my husband a few years ago, right before my oldest started Kindergarten that we should do this very thing. Obviously we didn't, but I don't think we would have regretted it if we did :)

Loni's World said...

Go for it!
Can you adopt me I will go!
Or you can use me as a nanny lol

Hollie said...

love that idea! go for it!

Oz Would Be Fun said...

Did anyone watch the show?
How did they live.

Oz would be fun