Sunday, October 12, 2008

Still Handsome

Today Austin got braces, only the two front teeth. (That's all we could afford) haha...Just kidding! That's all he needs right now to bring his two teeth together and close in the gap. Faith gets braces on in 6 months. I've come to realize I will have a big orthodontist payment for the next 15 years. They might as well just keep my account open. Either that or pray really hard for God to make my other kids teeth come in straight. I think I'll start praying for straight teeth:)


The Tello Family said...

He is so cute! How can Austin be old enough to have braces!?

momof2pitas said...

I'm wondering if that is what they are going to have to do to my son, who is also named Austin. He has a huge gap between his front teeth. But it comes from sucking his thumb. Wish I could get him to stop. He's 7 and still at it. LOL!

Aimie said...

Austin is so adorable! I love him in the braces!