Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Just Got A Letter

We just got a letter, we just got a letter, wonder who it's from? Ok, I seriously need to get out and have some adult time. LOL
We received our state letters today from Alaska and Mississippi. The kids are doing state reports and a couple of weeks ago wrote letters to the tourist office of each state. I had them right in their best handwriting and business letter format requesting a recent state map, census statistics, recreational points of interest, state resources and so forth. We not only got ton's of information back they also sent us pamphlets and brochures. We will be sending out our acknowledgment of thanks. (More writing practice) The kids are doing one state a month. They love to get mail and are excited to read about different states. We also got Halloween cards in the mail from grandma with money in them! The fun doesn't stop there...The UPS man showed up and our costumes are in. I was getting worried they weren't going to show up in time for Halloween. When we opened the door there was Capri sun's on the door step (new boxes) with pencil erasers for the kids. Thank you to whoever brought those. We didn't see a note. We have over 100 Capri sun's now. Keep em' coming!

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