Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

This Friday were gonna go back to when I was about 10 or 11 years old.
After the puffy paint t-shirts my sister and I were talking about the time my mom made us all puffy paint shirts to wear in our Christmas picture. We all had matching puffy shirts (with jewels too!) It was so embarrassing walking through the mall. Oh, and did I mention they were still wet when we took the picture. LOL. As you can tell from this picture I have always been a nerd. Oh, and could my bangs get any higher?

Sorry the picture is blurry but that's I guess that's a good thing:) Have a good weekend everyone and stay away from the puffy paint!


Jen said...

LOL That is so funny! I think every girl used to do her bangs like that!

Brianna said...

Seriously how could you do that to your kids?? Your kids are gonna be posting the picture of all of you at the pumpkin patch on their blogs in 20 years.

terriblespeller said...

I am dying! My bangs looked just like this, as did all the other seventh grade girls in my class.

debbie said...

Hey! I worked hard on those shirts.Lol. I was proud of my puffy paint shirts. Oh my, so funny. At least I gave you sometinhg to talk about years later.