Friday, October 10, 2008


Some of you have asked me about information on fieldtrips we go on. I usually plan a couple months in advance. I will post information on my blog from now on...
Here's some we are going to in the next couple of weeks:

This weekend at Prado Park in Chino they are having an educational tribute to American Hero's past and present. Here's the link. My kids always have fun and learn a lot at this.
This is a link to another great event in November on the 14-15 in
Claremont. It is from 10 to 4. Every thing for your kids to do like
crafts, rides and food is 50 cent some things like cotton candy is a
dollar. They put on a play about the pilgrims. There is things you can
buy. All the money goes to the retirement community. It is great! And cheap!

Check out the link
On Oct. 18-19 from 8 to 5 at Cal Poly Pomona there is a pumpkin
patch. This is a great family day. It is so beautiful. If you go bring a
wagon. Pumpkins are $4. There is a petting zoo and horse rides.

Riley's Farm in Oak Glen.
Last year we did the Civil War this year we will be doing the Gold Rush Adventure. They also have Sleep Hollow, Washington Irving's timeless story of harvest, romance, and good-natured fun. Apple-bobbing,
pie-eating contests, dancing, great music, and great food!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the resources. I live here locally, don't home school my two kids, but teach junior high. I'm always looking for things to do in our neighborhood.

james said...

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