Monday, October 13, 2008


Poor daddy woke up and went to work in the wind. It was so windy that he had to hire extra help just to finish his day. Us on the other hand took the day off(school) and went in search of riches. (Riley's Farm.) I dropped Landen and Farrah off at great grandma's house and my mom joined the rest of us on a fun day at the farm. Last year I remember bringing all the kids and pushing the double stroller up rocky dirt hills. NO this year I left them:) It made for a nice non-stressed day. My mom and I got to hang out and talk. Austin and Faith learned a lot about the Gold Rush and Finley just slept. She is such a good baby:) It was so pretty up their a little chilly but no wind. Lots of fall leaves. After the tour grandma treated us to lunch and some carmel apples!

Panning for gold with grandma


Faith thought it was real gold and already had plans on how she was going to spend her new wealth. Until the paint started coming off in her hand:(

making candles

didn't even hear a peep out of her:)


The Tello Family said...

How fun!!!! Isn't it awesome to have such a great support system in your family? I don't know what I'd do without my mom!

Aimie said...

How fun! We want to go now!