Sunday, October 12, 2008

Block Party

in honor of us. How sweet huh? Our new neighbors had a big bbq as a welcome to the neighborhood for us. (It's so Desperate housewife's) haha...It's hard to find neighborhood's where your neighbors are more than just a friendly wave. Everyone is really good friends and looks out for each other. We are so blessed to live on this street. We live on a cul-de-sac so all the neighbors on the street came. Everyone is so nice! There are tons of kids. I even found myself a new babysitter:) I guess we will have to go on a date night one night this week with no kids...ok maybe just the baby.

Farrah ready to go to the party to meet some new friends.

The dad's and boys playing football

Faith with her new friends playing barbies


The Tello Family said...

Yay so happy for you! It's a blessing to have great neighbors!

Aimie said...

We are just around the corner and clean up pretty good, maybe we will crash your next block party! That was really nice of your new neighbors. What a great place to move. You always find the best places with the best neighbors.