Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun With Venus Flytraps

The venus flytrap works in much the same way that our mouths works. (Look at me acting like I know what I'm talking about) LOL.. I study up on things before I teach the kids ok???
When we put food in our mouths the saliva begins to break down the food. Kind of like cotton candy. The venus flytrap works in the same way. It's acidy type juices come out and break down the insect so that it can digest it.
Venus flytraps open back up about 12 hours after they have either lost their prey or digested their prey.

Then I asked the kids why they think a fly would land on a venus flytrap. They guessed the beautful red color attracts the flies and other insects which makes them want to go and check it out. There right! (Aren't they smart) Once they do it it's too late and they are trapped.
Finally, we read some books about venus flytraps.
For fun the kids gave the flytraps some names. Then as they observe each one daily they refer to them by name. It makes observing more personal I guess...haha!

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