Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I keep going back and forth on my decision to have a vbac or a scheduled c-section. I have read pro's and con's on both. I thought I'd ask for your help or opinions on this..... Has anyone had a successful vbac? I had a c-section a year ago due to fetal distress. I labored for 10 hours then was rushed in. The recover was very hard and painful. My doctor normally does not do vbac's but she said she will offer me the choice because she thinks I make for a good candidate. I have had 3 normal deliveries one baby being almost 10 lbs. She says my body has proved itself and thinks my uterus can handle it. I just don't want the down time that a c-section requires. Anyone have advice on this??? I need to have my decision made up by my next appointment which is this Friday.


Kevan said...

I don't know from first hand experience but my sister Kristen had a c section with her 1st and then successfully had 4 vbacs. She would not have done it any other way. Recovery from a c section is so difficult and with having other little ones at home would make it even that much harder. Good luck!! Let us know what you decide.

Carolee said...

sorry, i was logged under the wrong name, that last comment was from Carolee

Aimie said...

You are young, healthy and a strong woman. I believe that you can do this if you really want to (and I think that you want to :) )Look at all that you accomplish just on a regular day! You are amazing. I say go for it!