Monday, April 28, 2008


Every time I am pregnant I get really bad insomnia. I can't sleep! I wake up to go to the bathroom and just lay there wide awake. I read, I pray, then I end up doing ridiculous things like.......

Rolling hundred's of diapers to make a diaper cake:

folding mini boxes and making flower arrangement signs:

making over 300 little tea sandwiches:

melt candy and make ducky molds:

But I must say thank God for insomnia or I wouldn't of been able to pull off such a nice baby shower for my sister. This is her first baby and I'm really excited for her to become a mommy.

Farrah helping auntie open her presents

Yea! auntie got a pack n play


Loni's World said...

I have to say every time I read your blog that includes photos of Farrah it makes me smile.
She is the cutest little girl! Not that you would exploit your children but I do think she would make one great baby model!

4kidscrazy said...

sounds like me and i am not pregnant. i just made a diaper cake for a friend up here and it was up for a while with that one. i am looking forward to your shower we will be down for my nieces baptism so it works out. see you soon. beth

Brianna said...

Yes thank you again for the beautiful shower. Everything went so well. Hopefully I'll still have insomnia when your shower gets here :)

Aimie said...

You do everything so classy Bridget.