Sunday, April 13, 2008

U Pick

Thursday after we finished school it was such a nice day outside I wanted to take the kids somewhere outdoors. Something different than the same old parks. Since I have been craving strawberries I thought I would take them down to Cal Poly Pomona and pick their own strawberries. Each of them picked all the strawberries they wanted and mom got all the strawberries she wanted:) Thanks kids! They estimated how many pounds they had picked, weighed them and brought them home for strawberry shortcake. Yum! We even had our friends over to help us eat some:)


Brianna said...

Ok only you would go to a strawberry field and have Farrah wearing a strawberry hair thing and a strawberry blanket. Is this what I have to try and live up to :)

Jo Jo said...

Okay so I know this is totally rude but...if you make strawberry shortcake again can we come over too?!!! I LOVE strawberries and now that I know that you can pick your own at Cal Poly, I might be down there every day! Picking strawberries sounds like something that would induce labor right?