Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I think it hurt me more than her

Yesterday we took Farrah to get her ears pierced. When Faith was just three months I rushed to the mall to get hers done. I just couldn't wait with Faith but for some reason this time I kept putting it off with Farrah. We planned to go to Jc penny's since that's where they did Faith's. Come to find out they don't do it anymore so we had to go to the little accessories store. Of, course I had my camera ready...This is a milestone for anyone with a little girl. I held her still as the multiple-pierced lady ensured me that the marks on her lobes were perfectly aligned. "Are you sure?" I argued. I of course made her change the dots around a couple times and made Justin double check to see they were perfect. I held my breath as the piercing gun went off silently, but in my imagination was as loud as a revolver. And then I cuddled her as she cried for a second and remembered she had a sucker in her hand then she was happy. I on the other hand was still crying...LOL. The kids felt so bad for her but then everyone got treated to ice cream and it made it all better. Now Farrah has pretty little
diamonds just like her big sister.

Me looking at Justin like are you sure their even????

Look Daddy, don't I look pretty?

Now, that wasn't too bad.


Julie said...

She is so brave and getting so big!!

Aimie said...

She looks beautiful. I hope Belle does just as well as she did. Congrats Farrah!

Jo Jo said...

Awww, she looks so cute! I am glad you blogged about this because I need to start thinking about this stuff since I am having a baby girl in a few weeks! How early can you get it done?


The Gustafson Family said...

Aww..I feel your pain! I know it hurt me more than it hurt Alison. You were more brave than I because I couldn't even hold her! haha!! Love the earrings!