Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Horton Hears Some Tooth Decay

Today I took the kids to IHOP for their Horton Hears A Who breakfast. It started off with the drinks. Sprite with multi-colored jello gigglers. Then a stack of pancakes drenched in a multi-colored oasis of glaze-topped with colored chocolate chips and a lollipop.(not the sugarless kind either) WHAT WAS I THINKING??? They loved it. I was a cool mom, ok once in awhile it's ok to feed your kids like this right??? Oh, not to mention green eggs and ham. They did have some spinach and some eggs. Then we headed off to see the movie. AGAIN...WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Feed kids tons of sugar and expect them to sit still for an hour and a half.
Note to parents: See the movie first then head to IHOP.


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Sarah said...

Ha Ha Ha! That's so gross! And fabulous!! I just told Phil that we need to take our kids there, as a last hoo-rah before the baby comes. At least I will know what to expect!!
How was the movie, by the way??