Monday, April 28, 2008

Note To Self

Next time you make a big deal of pulling out one of the kids teeth before they go to bed make sure you or your husband have "small bills" or change on you. Faith's front tooth just cost me $20 bucks.. I had no cash on me and Justin only had a $20 bill on him. We had to put something under her pillow... I couldn't do an IOU Love, the Tooth Fairy. Her other front tooth is about to fall out any day. I'm sure she is going to expect another $20. I think I might leave a note: Dear Faith, the $20 was for both teeth. Love, the Tooth Fairy.
With braces to pay for I do not have money to be tosses out $20 dollar bills every other night when a kid loses a tooth.


Jo Jo said...

ummmm...I am working on pulling out one of my teeth right now because I could really use $20? Can I borrow your tooth fairy?
Sheesh all the things you have to think about when having kids. I think I am going to be a cheap tooth fairy who leaves a quarter every time a tooth is lost! This way if the tooth fairy forgets her duties, my children won't be too disappointed because after all it's just a quarter...not $20 they are missing out on!
If I found myself in your predicament, it would be an excuse for me to go to Starbucks and get a ridiculously expensive coffee drink so that I could have tooth fairy change!!!
Love ya,

Aimie said...

You mean the Tooth Fairy has not been running late to your house ever? One time at our house the Tooth Fairy came after school because so many kidos had lost their teeth that night. All my little munchkin got was $4 though (that came with the late fee of coarse). Wow Faith is one lucky girl! Our Tooth Fairy is not as cool as yours! :)