Saturday, April 5, 2008

OH Shush!

Being that this is my 5th pregnancy, I told myself I would try not worry about how I look and just enjoy being pregnant. I know how my body carries babies and sometimes there is nothing I can do about my weight gain or growing butt. It's hard seeing my body change but I am trying to concentrate on the baby growing inside me. I usually worry to much about each pound I gain that I rob myself of the joy.
Well Felix isn't helping me enjoy my pregnancy!

Come on people...... as if pregnant women aren't sensitive enough!
At my doctors appointment the other day: Good ol' Felix (the nurse practitioner) just had to make a point.....

Felix: "Can you come back out here so we can weigh you again?"

Bridget: "Oh, ok let me just get out of this paper gown and put back on my clothes."
Felix: "Wow! I guess that was right. You did gain alot of weight the last month. I
just had to make sure. "

Bridget: (In my head thinking) errr.......(" Thanks! for making a big deal of it. As if the 1st time seeing it wasn't bad enough."

Felix: " You should only be gaining 1lb a week."

Bridget: "It's because I have my shoes on"

Felix: " No, I think you enjoyed too much Easter candy"

Bridget: smirky smile......(in my head) "looks like you did too"

After coming home from the doctors appointment. I told my husband what happened and how much I have gained...

Bridget: "Can you believe they made me stand on the scale twice?"

Justin: "Well how much did you gain?"

Bridget: " What! I'm not telling you......ok find I gained 25lbs total so far. I know it's alot but I always gain this much the baby is going through a big growth spurt right now"

Justin: "Not to imply anything, but I don't think the baby weighs twenty five pounds."

Bridget:.......runs to room crying

Why do men think it's funny to mess with their wives when they are pregnant?

Here are some of my favorites that people have said to me during my pregnancies: (well not my fav's but you know)......

Are your ankles supposed to look like that?

Geez, you're awfully puffy looking today.

That color makes you look *really* big.

Don't you know your not suppose to wear vertical stripes?

I delivered at 121 lbs and I was two weeks late.
You couldn't get any bigger.

Are you still with all your babies' daddies?

You finally look pregnant in your face!

You've got that waddle thing going on.

I only gained 12lbs during my pregnancy. I walked in had
the baby and wore my jeans home.

I never had to wear maternity clothes.

It's because it's your 5th pregnancy you look like that.

You look to big to be due in July.

Are you sure your not carrying twins?

Yep, its a girl you can tell by your butt.

It happens when your carrying girls they suck the beauty out of you.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has heard rude comments while they were pregnant. What are some comments you've gotten while pregnant?


Carolee said...

Person: "you look like you are miserable."

Me: "no actually I feel really good."
thinking to myself: "but thanks for telling me how awful I look"

Aren't people so nice:)

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

Next time you hear "Are you still with all your babies' daddies?" Just tell them no I found this one while I was visiting the last one in prison. Bet they shut up!. You think thats bad, 2 weeks after I had my Daughter still a little bloated. I was walking around the mall and some whale of a woman said "wow you work quick" I said Huh? She explains an little one in the stroller and another one on the way.. normally I would have a smart remark but after an emotional morning of trying to find clothes that didnt look hidious i was drained. I walked away in tears and sat in my car and cried for a while. Take care and stay healthy. Jenn

mica said...

I am also pregnant with number 5 and don't even look at the scale when I go in for my check ups- I also make a point of telling the nurse that I am not interested in knowing how much I gained :) I am short 5'2 and have good size babies 8.5 lbs and up- so I look BIG by month 6 which is where I am at now. My favorite comments on size thus far are:
Sure there is just one in there?
You have a LONG time to go...don't you?
Wow-you look ready to pop now.
My favorite comments on the number of children are:
You do know what causes this right?
Was this really planned?
Are you going to be
People can be dumb- but really I just try to ignore them and smile. After all- this baby girl is a beautiful gift that we are so excited about and that yes we prayed and planned for. And as far as my size goes- I would gain 200 lbs. if it meant a beautiful healthy baby.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Sarah said...

Okay, seriously, during the past month, I've had THREE different people -all perfect strangers, mind you - call their friends over to "Take a look at THIS!!!" Like I'm a circus freak or something!!

Sigh. Really. Do people not know that a pregnant woman's feelings are MORE sensitive?!

I've also lied to strangers - that my due date is sooner than it actually is, or that I am, in fact, having twins (I'm not!).

And PS - Jenn, I too had someone convinced that I was pregnant again, when my son was only NINE DAYS OLD!! Duh!! It makes me want to hibernate until all of the baby weight is GONE !! (oh wait, that might mean I never see the light of day again ... sigh!!)

At least it's all for such a wonderful, amazing, blessed cause, amen!?

Mrs. R said...

If people ask you if you're pregnant when you're not, does that count?

Shannon Hartz said...

When i was pregnant with my first, i was still teaching Jr. High. There was this teacher who thought it was her job to comment on my belly and it's "Massive size" as she refered to it, daily. She would swear that I was going to have the baby in front of one of my classes because there was no way I was going to make it to 37 weeks (when I got to go on leave) because there was no way I could get any bigger. But I provailed... I DID get bigger:) and he made it to 40 weeks - all 9+ lbs. of him I think she really enjoyed her daily comments - mean old lady.

Jo Jo said...

It's a good thing I am not real sensitive because I work with a lot men who think it's funny to tell me I am "HUGE" and am I "sure that I still have 6 weeks to go" and will I "be able to fit through that door?"
At one of my dr'.s appts I had gained 9 lbs in two weeks and yup she mentioned it and said that I need to slow down. I count jeans and tennis shoes as 6 lbs automatically so really I only gained 3 pounds.
And Justin is not alone in the rude comment department, Ricky has been known to do that too and for some reason I can take it from my brothers or the boys at work but not from him so I cry and he feels bad and I tell him that hate being pregnant and that I am a whale and he says I am beautiful and I am not fat just pregnant!!! So, it all works out in the end. Sorry for the extra long comment!

Andrea said...

I have had the "Are you sure you are not having twins? " comments also. The ones I remember came from this stick thin grocery store bag carrier, and the other was a single co-worker. I secretly wished huge weight gains and rude comments for them when they were pregnant. Hopefully it happened and they know how it felt.

I have had 5 babies, and unfortunately...5 c-sections. Baby weight (and most of it is mine-I have to claim it sometime, is still there and I need a great comeback for the inevitable are you pregnant comment (which I am not).

I hate the "Are you done?" and "You know what causes that?". People should be ashamed. There should be a "Survivor" show about it where people are given insults while carrying 25+ pounds and feeling tired. HeHe.