Monday, April 28, 2008

Day of Biology

I'm ready mom! Ready to dissect!

We woke up early and headed out to Glendora for a day of Biology. A wonderful teacher named Mrs. Sutton who is a high school biology teacher had her class set up workshops for home school children. We attended fourteen workshops each workshop lasting 10 minutes. Each workshop was hands on and very informative. They were long enough to learn and short enough so even Landen sat through them and didn't get bored. Some of the workshops were intro to Echinoderms, Intro to Arthropods, and Intro to Mammals. They also were able to dissect owl pellets, earthworms, and flowers.


Anonymous City Girl said...

I love your blog! Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

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Aimie said...

Michael Jr will be so jealous to hear what Austin has been up to! Last night he was asking when he gets to dissect a frog. If you have another day like that maybe Michael can go to?