Monday, April 7, 2008

The Baby Shower Debate

Whether you are a first time mommy or it's baby #5, 6 or 7 for you I feel that every baby deserves to be celebrated. I've been told it's not tradition or proper etiquette to have a baby shower after baby #1. I myself have had four baby showers and it seems like I just had one when I was pregnant with Farrah who will be one this week. So yes, it wasn't that long ago everyone got together for me and bought me gifts. I am having another girl and have a lot of girl stuff already. Does this mean I shouldn't have a baby shower? I don't want to seem like a spoiled brat or have it be major overkill....ahhh just great another shower for Bridget. I don't expect to get tons of gifts nor do I want people to buy me anything. I would just love to be able to have a little party for myself where my friends and family can just come and hang out, and celebrate the birth of my baby girl. And before I am stuck at home in bed trying to recover from a c-section with a baby attached to me every two hours.
And hey, if they happen to buy me stuff off my registry more power to them. haha!
If you are on #2 or more, what do you think? Is having another shower tacky?


Sarah said...

Okay, I totally understand this one! So what a bunch of girlfriends and I did this time is go out ... most of us are Mommies, so don't get the much-needed time out together, with uninterrupted conversation.
10 of us went and got pedicures together, then went to dinner, then back to one of our houses (where kids and hubby were not!) and just hung out and laughed and talked for hours! It was wonderful!
As for gifts ... I received a few very special hand-me-down outfits, and DIAPERS!! Perfect!
The guys had a special poker night for my hubby ... instead of the usual $15 buy-in, it was $10 + a pack of diapers. Let me tell you ... we will not have to buy diapers for this baby for a couple of months, at least! Hooray!!

fairyluver said...

I think having more than one baby shower is fine...I plan to have another one if I have baby number three!! I feel that it's a celebration of a new arrival, and who dosen't like to go to a baby shower..heck I'd go to one even if I didn't know the person...hehe! But I did hear of a really neat idea for a baby shower if you scrapbook is to have a scrapbooking baby shower and get together to prescrapbook pages for the new baby...just a thought!! Good luck with your plans for a baby shower and brightest blessings sent your way!!!

Aimie said...

Go for it! You want to bring this baby in with a ton of love and happiness! That is what friends and family want to do for you too!
What about a diaper shower. Diapers are what you need right? If they want to give more then, Yeah for Baby #5! If not then you still have diapers galore. Either way Baby #5 is blessed and welcomed by all who love her already. And even if you don't have a shower our family is bringing her gifts anyway! Just try and stop us!

Shannon Hartz said...

I have three little ones, and I had a shower for all three. Every precious gift from God needs to be celebrated, and I am so greatful that our culture throws showers for weddings and babies. What a blessing - we are able to come together celebrate a gift from God (spouse or baby) and help eachother out. I threw a shower for a friend that was on #4, and although we did get her the few new items that she needed, we also did dinner gifts. We showed up with ice chest full of frozen home made meals to stock her freezer for when the baby came And, for those who weren't into cooking, they brought gift cards to resturants that had to-go (for Daddy to pick up). She was set for the first month:)

Bridget said...

thank you girls for all the good ideas! plus....anyone who is a true friend would want to come and not think it's overkill right???

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

I think its a great idea to get the family together. If you feel guilty call it a BBQ. Maybe you can ask that guests make a donation to the March of Dimes in the name of the Ryan Family. Just an idea! Who doesnt like baby showers and cake?

Andrea said...

I think the celebration is certainly warranted. For Baby #4 I had a get together at a good friend's house with about 5 other friends. We had chicken salad, spinach-strawberry salad, cake, etc. and just had girl time to talk and celebrate girls/motherhood. My friend had asked a beautician that she knew to give me a manicure as well. It was very relaxing! I received a gift basket with LUSH products (bath & body items), and a Christmas-type baby outfit (this baby was due a little before Christmas). It was fabulous! Get together with a close friend, and start planning!

Kadi said...

I think it is totally uncalled for. You are a spoiled brat and think too highly of yourself.
Oh wait....I'm invited? Well, that is a different story :)
You know how I feel about it! Bring on the shower! I want to help plan it this time...please, please, please!

4kidscrazy said...

i had a shower for all 4 even with 2 boys and 2 girls. my mom thought it was only fair to all of them.

The Gustafson Family said...

Hey Bridget,
I had a diaper shower when I was pregnant with Alison. Although she was my first who doesn't need diapes. I got enough diapers that I have yet to buy them and probably wont have to for quite a few more months! The games all were themed around diapers. We all had a blast! I would come with a pack of diapers in hand! hehe!! I think whatever you decide is great and that's that!