Sunday, April 13, 2008


I found my dream home big enough for our growing family. I could even have a classroom again. It is an old victorian house built in 1892 (my favorite) that has been restored. It has a big yard with a tree in front perfect for a swing. Did I mention it even has a red door. Anyone who knows me knows I love my red doors. I'm in love! We went and looked at it last night and I couldn't think of a better house for our family. Justin on the other hand couldn't believe I liked it. He stood there looking at me rolling his eyes as I drooled and planned out where the furniture would go. He said, "Don't you notice something important missing?" I couldn't think of one thing. I thought to myself, It has a big yard for the kids to run around, nice size rooms, it's in a good area, everything we want in a house.

"The Garage!, there is no garage! Every guy needs a garage! arr, arr, arr," He said.

"Oh, who cares the front porch is WAY cuter than a garage door would be." Plus I told him he would have to sell his quad and the rest of his toys just so we can afford it. The shed will work just fine for the bicycles.

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Aimie said...

Where is it??
When are you moving?
Need help packing?
You only have 3 more months girl, you better ask for help!
You are Picture woman, where are the pictures? I wanna see!!!!