Friday, April 25, 2008

School Pictures

The kids go to school every Friday. They had school pictures and these are their Friday school classes...
Austin 3rd grade

I don't know why Austin gets so nervous while taking school pictures. I mean come on I take a million pictures of my kids a day. The camera should be second nature to them. For some reason he stiffens up and does these weird smiles :). Also, he thought that the top button of his shirt should be buttoned he thinks it makes him look more sophisticated...LOL

And Faith says : I love homeschooling they let me tilt my head and pose in the school picture. She's a natural..haha!

Faith 1st grade


Angela said...

I LOVE her curls.

- terriblespeller

Aimie said...

To cute!
Michael Jr is the same way about pictures as Austin. You have seen them. Michael looks all stiff and not himself. We just know how handsome they really are and hate cameras that don't know that too.:(
The kids look cute though! Real sweet.
Faith, as always, is more than adorable!

Anonymous said...

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