Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Miss You Size 2

Ok, I was never a size 2 but I do miss my normal clothes. I've about had it.

Stupid maternity jeans, get out of my life! I am so sick of you! To be quite honestly our relationship has gone on far too long. It is not that you are not stylish in your own special way or that you don't offer great comfort to my huge growing belly and extremely huge butt but lets be honest I just don't want to need you anymore, go away! And when you leave, please take all the pounds I've gained with you so that I can slip back into the jeans that miss me so dearly. :(

Someday I will see you again


Twisted Cinderella said...

I am getting so large that even my maternity pants are getting tight on my belly! I am about ready for clothes to fit again too.

Jo Jo said...

Hey Bridget,
You're almost there! I thought I'd never wear my own jeans again but it finally happened. I was so determined not to wear my maternity jeans after having the baby that I wore my regular jeans with a rubber band to keep them fastened. I could barely breathe and the seams were on the verge of busting but I refused to wear my maternity jeans again!

Kadi said...

I remember that feeling too well. lucky for you, you are gorgeous and sweet so nobdy even notices what size your jeans are :)
hang in there, my friend!

Susan said...

hi bridget!

ahh, the maternity jean... present bane of my existence! the only time i like them during any given day is when i first put them on. for the rest of the day i seem to always have to be pulling them back to their original position. my little girl is now two months old and i'm hoping (and praying) that i'll be back in my real jeans in no more than 2 more months. however, if i happen to become pregnant with baby number 4 before that, i fear i may be wearing them for the rest of my life.

i've been reading kadi's blogs and in one of them talks about how you and she are always scheming to make money with some amazing idea. please figure out how to make the perfect maternity jeans. i've never met a mommy who was truly happy with hers, and if you could uncover the secret, you'd both be billionaires. and then you can still drive your hummer despite the rising cost of gasoline :O)

love, susan