Friday, June 13, 2008

Hummer For Sale

Anyone want a hummer? I am selling mine at really great price. It only cost $150 to fill up, and by the end of summer it should be close to $300. You will also get in fun arguments with people at the pump about how the war is all your fault and how you've increased our nation's demand for fossil fuels etc... Getting gas is never boring. Just make sure you watch out for all the Hummer haters, and drive with your windows up no matter what city your in. You will get things thrown at your car like beer cans or eggs followed by rude comments. You might have to answer questions like, "Mommy why is that lady sticking up her middle finger at us?" Oh, and if your really lucky like me you might even get your car decorated with pretty paint. It's scary at first when some guys pull up next to you with a gun and start shooting but once you realize it's paint balls it's not too bad. The kids thought seeing our hummer painted with florecent colors was kind of cool. It wasn't that hard to clean off eiter. Other than that it's a great truck! I am shopping around for a new car, anyone know of a car that can fit 7+ people, good on gas, can fit a large double stroller in the trunk and doesn't have a hate group attached?

Below I attached a picture of my hummer. It runs great! Let me know if your interested.


Jo Jo said...

This is too funny! Those Hummer Haters are CRAZY! You can always do the minivan thing!!! But, that only fits 7 so no friends allowed! Good luck!

Laura said...

People can be so horrible. I agree with the minivan suggestion. It is the most uncool car one can drive but I love my Toyota van. And when I got into a car accident with it a few years ago, the responding officer said that in all his years of responding to accidents, a minivan is the safest car to own so he went and bought his wife one. Mine fills up for about $80 and gets about 20 or so miles to the gallon. I hope things work out!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

That is crazy!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry! Ugh! Seriously, that's scary! Especially being pregnant and toting around your other babies! Holy Cow!
And, I have to say, we broke down and bought a minivan about 6 months ago ... and while it's not as hip as a Hummer, I've never been threatened by anyone in it. In fact, I've never really been given a second glance in it. :) Which is a good thing in this season of life.
Good luck!!

The Offended Blogger said...

Funny! The same people who act like this are usually the first ones who wave a banner of 'peace and tolerance' too.

I'd buy your Hummer, but I have my hands full with a $150 a fill-up monster truck.

I'd be happy to use it to run over Hummer haters for you. :)