Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day!

My husband is the best daddy my kids could ever have! He's a hand's on dad and loves his kids very much. He works very hard to provide for us, but always makes sure he spends time with each of his kids.

Any dad who would agree to wear this on Halloween is truly the best dad ever! LOL... I still can't believe he wore it, but after all he would do anything for his kids:)


Aimie said...

What a beautiful way to honor Justin.Loved it!

Andrea said...

You have some great pictures!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Kadi said...

I'm crying. I'm acutally crying, looking at this. The boy I once knew has grown into a wonderful husband and father! Wow. That was truly beautiful :)
Proud to call both of you my friends!