Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Promotion Night

We home school through Western Christian, which is the oldest christian school in California. They have been doing the home school program for 12 years now. They have over 300 families enrolled. They take care of most of the legal stuff, park days, Friday school, field trips, and much more. Last night they held a promotion night. Austin promoted to 4th grade and Faith is now a big 2nd grader!

The kids with their favorite teacher :)........I know nice rear end shot of my big back side. Not to smart to bend over and take a picture infront of mirror doors haha!


Aimie said...

Good job guys! We are celebrating our promotions over here with ice cream sundays. Wanna come and join us?

Sarah said...

Congrats! We'll be joining you at Western this fall! Zoe will be a big 1st grader!
And, I've been meaning to ask, where do you get those cute head thingys for your girls? I don't get out much :)