Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Needs Beauty Sleep When Your This Beautiful

"Who needs beauty sleep when your this beautiful right mom?" Faith would say joking. She was in such a silly mood for some reason. Faith is a very wild sleeper and still falls asleep and takes naps during the day. She also has trouble breathing in her sleep so the doctor wanted her to have a sleep study done. We both spent the night in the hospital. She was such a good sport to tolerate all the wires she was hooked up to. She listened to the doctors and nurses and did everything they said. For some reason she wanted to see the control room. She kept asking the nurse if she could see the room where they watch her from. She was curious on how the wires worked. She was quiet and went right to sleep when they told her to. In the morning the nurse took her to the control room where they showed her how everything worked. They gave her hot chocolate for being a good sport and let her watch some of the video of her sleeping. I got to sleep in a roll away bed that was way too small for me. I'm sure I busted a couple springs but other than that the testing went well. I will be going to bed early in my own bed tonight!

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Twisted Cinderella said...

It is great that she was such a good sport about it all. She is so sweet!