Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Survival

Before I start checking airplane schedules for the next flight ANYWHERE besides home this summer I am trying to plan out things to keep the kids busy.
We are taking a break from our normal school schedule, but from keeping the kids from forgetting everything I taught them this year I ordered some books called Vacation Stations. They are from the Bob Jones University curriculum. It's a summer program to help review and reinforce what they learned throughout the year. I also just purchased, Mastering Elementary School 2009 Edition. It includes key subjects such as science, social studies, language arts, and math. It has over 20 hours of audio books and thousands of interactive questions and answers. Even printable test. This means I won't have to do anything :) and they will still be learning. I am looking forward to NOT following a schedule for 12 whole weeks!

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Kadi said...

I hear you loud and clear. Acutally, I don't hear anything above the chaos in this house. So...I read you loud and clear. We need a spa day after this summer break.