Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keeping Kids Busy

Expensive toys do nothing for my kids. I have spent a lot of money on toys and they don't play with them for more than a week before they get bored with them. Toys can only be one thing, but a cardboard box is a mine of ideas. It let's their imagination run wild.
Boxes can be boats, cars, beds for dolls, TVs...the possibilities are endless! Just give them a cardboard box and some markers and see what their little minds can come up with. This box kept all three kids busy for over 3hours!

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Aimie said...

You are so right! I used to go and pick up different size boxes from the school by my house and just let the kids go at them! They play for hours in something that they made themselves, so they are proud of their creation too, then you can just recycle the boxes. No damage to the planet and no junk in my closets! Love that other people to this to!!