Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trip To The Zoo

Today we went to the LA Zoo. My sister Brenda came along so I could say at least half the kids were hers. Just kidding (kind of) No, really she did help me chase after Landen since I can only waddle so fast these days. I also got to try out my new stroller my sister's bought me :)

Me looking like a hippo in a zebra suit pushing my new stroller.

Aunt Brenda and Landen

Austin telling his brother and sister about each animal. (so cute) He even had other people listening to what he had to say about some of the animals.

What I wish I was doing instead of pushing the stroller up and down hills

What a cute little elephant


Aimie said...

How fun! you have so many wonderful things you do with your little ones. They are lucky to have you. I bet you had so much fun! :)

Loni's World said...

I love the photo of 'brother and sister" that is precious!

Andrea said...

You look mah-vah-lous for an almost due mommy!

I love the stroller-red is a fun color. I laughed aboud the sister comment. I like when my friends go along with us so it doesn't look like I have so many kids (unless they are being good).

Thanks for sharing! And teh comment, too! ;)

Andrea said...

Ooooops! Where is spell check when you need it?!?

I usually laugh aloud-not "aboud" and "teh" jumped in the error column also. Arghh!

I hope you won't grade me :)

Kadi said...

Hippo in a zebra suit?? I almost spit soda out my nose. HA! Too funny.