Monday, June 9, 2008


Saturday, the boys went to baseball and the girls went to violin. Austin would rather play in his baseball game than play in the violin recital. I didn't blame him. Violin isn't his favorite. Although he hopes someday to play like Charlie Daniels. Playing the violin takes a lot of practice and discipline. I think it's good for the kids. The fact Austin is so good at it and lesson's are cheaper for two of them to take than just one, I told him he has to stay in it as part of his music for school. He would of course rather do drums or guitar. Even though the teacher is very strict she is also very good at what she does. The kids are learning to read music and play by ear. I think this class will help them in whatever instrument they want to play in the future.
Faith did very well for only playing for less than 6 months. She performed 5 songs in all.

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Aimie said...

She looked beautiful as well.