Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My 6th child (my husband) turned 31 on Monday so I had to put a pretend smile on my face as we headed to the desert to celebrate his birthday. If you know me I am not a desert diva in any way. I H-A-T-E the desert, ok I will give you this much I do like to occasionally get on a dirt bike or take a ride in a buggy. I said ocasionally meaning maybe once a year, don't get all excited. If I am to go it has to be on an off weekend minus all the crazy drunks. You better have a nice clean trailer for me to stay in with a big water tank so I can have nice hot showers at least twice a day. Call me prissy, I don't care! So, with that said, we went to a place called Razor Road. There was only a couple other trailers out there. So plenty of space for the kids to run wild and ride their new dirt bikes without me worrying about crazy drunks. I also got a couple nice hot showers in too! (Thanks dad for installing the big water tank!) It was a nice time (shhhh!) don't tell my husband I said it was fun. He will get all excited and go out and buy me pink riding gear or a dirt bike again for Mother's Day. It was a nice time hanging out with the family and of course taking tons of pictures!

My girls, prissy like mommy but we can still beat the boys!

birthday boy showing off for the kids

Austin sponsored by Monster...he wishes.

Not a normal 3 year old!

All that riding made him super tired!

singing happy birthday white trash style.

Why do dads think kids should play with fire and guns?

Farrah loves the rum rum!

hanging out by the camp fire

too much fun in one day!

Yes, that's me Miss Priss showin the kids how it's done!


Brianna said...

Aww these pictures are so cute. How do your kids always fall asleep in the strangest places. I can't even get mine to go to sleep in his own bed.

fairyluver said...

That's so wonderful that it's a family thing you can all enjoy. We're just starting to get my son (just turned 5years old) into snowmobiling he has his own and loves it!! I have a feeling my daughter will be follow in her mamma's footsteps this summer and she'll be our little dirt biker...
Great pic's I love them!!

The Tello Family said...

So cute!! I am just like you. Not a fan of the dirt, the drunks, and the crazy people! Awesome pics too by the way!

The Achee Family said...

Great pictures.. Looks like a lot of fun.. I love anything outdoors but dirt can get old after awhile. Looks like the boys really like their new bikes

Melissa said...

You go girl!!!! What a wonderful time!!