Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Skating...

Last night after Landen's hockey lesson we all laced our skates up and went skating.

Farrah kept saying, "I skate! I skate!"

Farrah wanted to go faster...faster mommy. So I put her on my hip and skated around really fast. She would giggle!

(MY HUSBAND)and Finley watching all of us. Don't worry by the time Finley can walk she has skates already waiting for her:)

After skating around with all the kids...Mom cut loose. SHOW-OFF!


Doublebanker said...

Would love to go ice skating this year...haven't went since we had kiddies.

Learn how to do this

Loni's World said...

How fun, I am still trying to get Saul to go with me :( Punk! LOL
I will get him to though!!

Look at you super mom! LOL
Good for you! All those Mom's out there that complain about how tough things are with 1 kid HA look at that! "In your face"
I dont think I have enough time to list your job duties HAHA.

Abbi said...

looks like sooo much fun!! i would love to go ice skating!!!

debbie said...

see skating lessons pay off. This is like going back in time. Crazy to be at the rink you spent (we spent)so many hours in. Always great fun.

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

LOL TOO Cute!!!

His Creations Photography said...

Wow!! I didn't know you all could skate...that's awesome! We've never been!

Sarah said...

What a sweet family you have!