Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birfday Bren-duh!

I didn't want to look bad since Brianna gave you a shout out on her blog I thought I better do a post for you too. Happy Birfday (Landen's way of saying it) Thanks for always being the sister to tell me my jeans look to momish or It's time I cut my nappy hair. I'm sorry you don't want any kids because of all of mine (kidding) I really do appreciate you and all your help. (even if you charge me) haha! I love you!
Here's one of my fav pictures. My sisters when Farrah was born we just sat there and admired all her little features. I love having sisters. Even if my kids think they are cooler than me.(they just don't know any better yet) ha!
I was recently told by Faith that she likes Aunt Brenda's style better than mine and I should try doing my makeup like her. Whatever!


Brianna said...

Great if Faith wants to be like Brenda you better not let her see the new tattoo. haha jk

Loni's World said...

Such a great photo!
That is too funny but you know the aunts and uncles are always cooler than the parents. Just tell Faith "Hello she is my younger sister, who do you think taught her how to do her makeup?" lol