Wednesday, January 7, 2009


thank you, thank you! I taught my children how to speak French,Spanish,Australian,German,Japanese,Italian,Hebrew and Russian. haha! We are getting an exchange student in the next couple weeks (not sure where they will be from) but at least we will be able to say hello when they arrive:) and maybe teach them how to change diapers, cook and do laundry the American way. (kidding!)


Brianna said...

that's so cute. Aven even laughed when he watched it with me.:)

Loni's World said...

Well I can't watch the video from work but I wanted to let you know, we had tons of different exchange students at our house when I grew up. (some bad, some I wished would never leave and I still miss her! lol)
We had a dog kennel so they had to be part of the family and help out, we had two Russian Hookers uhhh I mean girls (they were 13 and dressed like strippers!) they refused to lift a finger and one girl even ran away. (I think they just hated my grandma so I dont blame them!)

I reallllllllllly realllllllly hope you get a good one, you do not need another head in the house that causes issues, especially with all the kids already.

Just put them on diaper duty if they act up!

How exciting!!!!
Make sure you update us on how its going.

Courtney said...

Wow so cute how smart they all are and how olds Landen, crazy he pops in with Chow (i know thats not how u spell it:) Ummm maybe I can come over for a class or 2 just like a refresher course..???

The Achee Family said...

They are all so cute. You are such a great teacher, too bad they don't have more of you at public schools