Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentine Exchange

Hello everyone!
Last year we did a Homeschool Valentine exchange and it was a huge success. I am going to organizing another one this year. This year I am going to open it up to non-homeschoolers too. Even if you have a preschooler that would like to to join in on the fun that's fine too. The more the better! This exchange is done by mail and we usually exchange with children from many states. It is a good geography lesson as well. Last year we used a map to locate where we were sending them too and then when they received the valentine, the kids marked it on the map. It is also a good way to have them practice writing. If you make the cards it can count as art. I make my older ones write a paragraph and add pictures about where we live. Also,along with your valentine card, please include something about the area you live in. Is it in the mountains? or near water? large city? small town? what is it famous for? just a fact or 2 about where you live. You may include goodies if you like. Be creative!
It is alot of fun for the children.
Usually, cards that go to one family will be mailed in one envelope, but with the correct amount of per child.

If you want to participate, please email me by Jan.31 at :
In the subject area please put Valentine Exchange
Please include the following with your emailed response:
1. Your name
2. Your child(rens) name(s)
3 .child(rens) ages (that way if we get a lot we will break up into age groups)
4 .email address
5. Postal Mailing address
and include any allergies your children might have.

I will compose a list from the emails as they come into me and will be sending each person a copy of it by email around Feb 3 .
Be sure to spread the word...


Courtney said...

Sounds like a great plan. I will email you my info. Just promise not to get too excited over my location. Valdosta, GA is boring, we are only here because of the USAF. Haha.

Sawatzky Kids said...

What a great idea! I am new to your blog I amy have left one comment before not sure! lol
We are going to starting our homeschooling journey in the fall of this year. It is a calling that I am finally answering even though I am nervous at the prospect of teaching my children. I will also be emailing you our info. I just adore this concpet. I grew up having pen pals all over the world and would love for my kids to have a similar experiance. I do have one dear friend who is a homeschooler and I am sure I have drained her tank of info that she can share with me. I would love to possibly have the chance to exchange emails with you to gain your insight and wisdom on the homeshooling front.
Shelly and gang

Bridget said...

Shelly, You can email me anytime. I'd love to help. This is our 2nd year. I've drained many other mom's before stepping into homeschooling too:). There's lots of great homeschool blogs out there to check out. Looking forward to the V. exchange!

Bridget said...

Thanks everyone! Looks like were getting a good turn out. We have people from all over the U.S. Keep them coming. I will email out a final list early Feb. You have till the 31st. Spread the word!