Friday, January 23, 2009

Dude Your Homeschools Showing Part 2

And you thought the tye-dye puffy paint shirts at the pumpkin patch were nerdy. Think again! We went to Chick-Fil-A on a field trip dressed as cows. Holy Cow! Has this women lost her mind. Yep!I know, were nerds and if you haven't figured that out by now this post will show you just how nerdy we really are. We don't care though we love being nerds and have fun doing nerdy things together. It was "udder insanity" on my part. I even put an old Halloween costume to use on Finley.
See look how nerdy I am trying to use all these cow words LOL.

The Herd

The kids had fun making their shirts.
I challenged Faith that if she could correct the spelling on the sign
"Eat Mor Chikin" I'd buy everyone ice cream. But, because we weren't "too chicken" to show up in cow shirts they gave us all free ice cream!

The kids on the tour to see how the restaurant runs.

As if people weren't already staring at us Landen had to rap about Chick, chick , chicken.

Landen ran around all day like this...MOOOOOO!

I enjoyed the day with all my little cows! After lunch we stopped by the pasture(park) to run around.
And before the grandmas call and chew me out for not having socks on Finley or jackets on any of the kids in the rain. It was 70 degress! I got it handled:)

This baby calf loves to swing.

Oh, no mommy it's starting to rain...

We all ran to the car but first stopped for a quick race down the hill!
Who cares if they get dirty remember their wearing those nerdy cow shirts.

and for those of you who are wondering if I dressed up like a cow...ummm No. I'm nursing and already feel like a cow at times. I don't need to wear the outfit thank you!


Doublebanker said...

Awesome photos... like the cow theme. Those commercials are cool with the Eat Mor Chikin.

Check out the girl rolling her's freaky

Shannon Hartz said...

Oh how fun:) My kiddos love that place, as a matter of fact we had a raging Friday night there last week:)

The Achee Family said...

You are so fun. Farrah has the CUTEST baby face. I just love it.

Brianna said...

Should have told me I would fit right in the cow theme.

Cute pictures!!

Loni's World said...

LOL you crack me up!
They are all so cute, BTW They have my favorite billboards! before that chain made it out here to cali I saw them in North Carolina and I couldnt help but laugh.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

That is awesome!!! I bet the kids loved it. I laughed out loud at the t-shirts.:)

Sarah said...
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hrw102779 said...

If only I had my mascot outfit....I never thought about a field trip here, I'll have to check that out for my brood...thank!!

P.S. I know the month is nearly over but it's free admission to the Queen Mary for the self guided tour for California residents all this month...pretty neat with a nice little area near by for a picnic...I was able to cover all the subjects...

Heather said...

Chick-Fil-A is my absolute favorite!!! It also just so happens to be one of the things that Chris misses the most while in Iraq. He said the first place he wants to eat at when he gets back is Chick-Fil-A! The kids are too cute! Finley looks just like Farrah, and Faith!