Monday, January 5, 2009

I Guess I Do

pray alot. I was starting to feel a little guilty the other day thinking that I don't give God enough of my time. I am so busy with the kids that I don't spend enough time praying and seeking him. Sure I have my morning devotions and I pray with the kids but that's not enough. Yesterday our pastor was talking about prayer and having a relationship with God and how God loves to hear from us (his children.) Even little things like when you see a flower for example and you think to yourself wow God that is beautiful that is considered talking to God. I never thought of it that way. I walked out of church feeling better. I do have a relationship with God, I do pray without ceasing. I talk to him all day long. Maybe this is why God has blessed me with so many kids so he could hear from me (beg for help)all day. Either that or get a good laugh out of me trying to be a mom to all of them. My daily dialogue with God sounds something like this:
5:30am: Oh, God please don't tell me the kids are up already, please let them go back to sleep.
7:00am: God give me enough energy to make it through the day.
7:05am: What should I wear today? God please help these pants fit. My baby's 5 months why don't they fit yet?
7:15am: God forgive me for getting so upset over pants and thank you for stretch jeans.
7:30am: Thank you God for play pens and being able to take a quick shower.
7:35am: Thank you God for this hot shower and Lord please watch over Landen while I'm in the shower. Please keep him focused on cartoons just for five minutes.
7:40am: God forgive me that I use spongebob as a babysitter. I know I shouldn't have them watch that show.
7:45am: Lord catch his fall and tell me there's no blood.
7:50am: Just asking, but why God did you want me to homeschool again? Can you please remind me.
Getting ready to leave the house Lord please help us not be late and drive safe.
8:00am:Lord do I have all the kids? Lord help me not to forget a kid.
That's just the first hour of the day...
Thank God he loves me and listens to me because I couldn't make it through a day without him:)


Loni's World said...

Ok now I don't feel so bad. I know that God is way to busy with you to get to me yet lol.
WOW now I am exhuasted! I can only imagine how he feels, see it just goes to show you are doing enough.

If you can survive one hour, I would say he is working his magic.

Brianna said...

I guess I pray alot then too. :)

Heather said...

ROFL!! Sounds a bit like my day and boy do I hear you on the Spongebob thing! A good day for me is if I get the kids to bed alive each night and I haven't started drinking! LOL! J/K!!! I don't know how you do it girl! You are an inspiration to all! I am counting the days til my hubby comes home to give me a break. I might get a 10 minute shower! Is that enough time to shave???? LOL :D

shalay said...

I'm ready for a nap after reading about the first hour of your day. Seriously?! I hope I never have to pray quite that much. Lol.

Ice Queen said...

That was an awesome study that Jack gave yesterday! I am always amazed by how truely beautiful the mountains look. I tell God every morning what good work He does. And then I thank Him because I know he made them just for ME!

The Tello Family said...

You are so cute. And are such a great Mom!!

debbie said...

Even when your precious children are grown and have families of their own, your prayer list grows. You will never stop talking to Him and asking for His blessing in their lives and the lives of your precious grandchildren. He will remind you daily that your children no matter what their age are His gift to you. I am so proud of you and all that you do each day for Him. He loves you very much and so do I. Mom